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Agua Munda filters are designed to be durable, highly functional and cost effective. With proper assembly and maintenance, our units can be used to filter continuous volumes of contaminated water for up to ten years without the need to replace the filter element.

Implementation of Agua Munda water purification technology has resulted in tremendous cost benefits for our South American partners as they have been enabled to transition away from relying on unhealthful water sources or the expensive, energy inefficient practice of boiling drinking water or other impractical solutions.


About the Agua Munda Condor Filter

Agua Munda water filtration systems are perfect for urban and rural locations. For seven years

our filters have produced purified water in communities, schools, emergency centers, daycare

facilities, and orphanages worldwide. Agua Munda filtration systems are easy to operate and do

not require electricity. Indispensable during a natural disaster, each filter produces sufficient

purified water for a thousand people a day. Lightweight and portable, Agua Munda water filters

are ideal for supplying drinking water to remote or urban locations where water sources vary

between surface water, trenches, rain, or municipal water supplies. The filters function as

individual independent units or distributed throughout a town or a large institution. With proper

maintenance, Agua Munda filters last for ten years, continuously eliminating pathogens and

many viruses and 99.999% of bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and parasites from contaminated water

at a level classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as suitable for drinking water.

How a hollow fiber membrane functions

All Agua Munda filtration systems use Hollow Fiber Membrane filters. A hollow fiber

membrane, composed of small plastic tubes of less than one millimeter in diameter, and several

tens of centimeters long, walls are porous. Inside a hollow fiber membrane water filter,

hundreds of tubes are bundled together to create a filter matrix. The walls of these tubes have

microscopic pores or holes invisible to the naked eye. The hollow fibers act as a sieve, physically

straining out contaminants as the water flows through the filter. Pores in the fibers' walls are

too small for the pathogens to fit through so as you pump water through the walls of these

fibers, any microbiological threats lurking in contaminated water trapped inside the filter.

Agua Munda water filters produce 19 liters a minute, 1,140 liters per hour of purified water. The

efficiency of Agua Munda Water filtration systems comes because of the siphon created by the

hand pump. With each turn, the pump draws the water through the hollow fiber membrane at

the bottom of the filter system to produce large quantities of purified water for drinking,

washing hands, rinsing dishes, cooking and more.

See below how to use and maintain one of the filters designed by Agua Munda, the

Condor Filter. Also visit the Agua Munda website below.